Commission Disclosure Statement

As a broker, we may receive commission payments and other benefits from a third party for arranging and facilitating finance and insurance for you.

  • Commercial Finance A financier may make payments to us for business introduced to the financier and/or based on the performance & quality of the transactions we introduce to the financier, and/or the extent to which finance agreements we introduce remain up to date in payments.
  • Other brokers We may also receive payments from other brokers because we have arrangements with them for the introduction of clients to a financier.
  • Non-monetary benefits Not all benefits we receive are monetary and may include training, tickets, holidays or similar benefits.
  • Amounts and Benefits We Pay In addition, we may pay amounts to third parties who refer you to us. These third parties may include other businesses with whom you are, or have been, dealing with, such as other broker or sellers of goods or services.